TOXSWA is a pseudo-dimensional model, describing pesticide behaviour in a water layer and its underlying sediment at the edge-of-field scale. TOXSWA is the acronym for TOXic substances in Surface WAters. TOXSWA calculates Predicted Environmental Concentrations in surface water to support the pesticide registration procedures in the Netherlands with TOXSWA v1.2 since 1999, and in Europe with FOCUS_TOXSWA since 2003.

TOXSWA v1.2, simulates constant water depths and discharges. In FOCUS_TOXSWA the hydrology has been further developed. Water (and pesticide) fluxes from drainage or surface runoff from a small upstream catchment basin and an adjacent field can run into a ditch or small stream. FOCUS_TOXSWA is able to simulate the resulting transient flow regime with rapidly varying discharges and water levels in the ditch or small stream. FOCUS_TOXSWA is coupled to the MACRO and PRZM models to simulateexposure concentrations in the FOCUS Surface Water Scenarios, used in the EU registration procedure.


TOXSWA v1.2 Windows7

TOXSWA v1.2 available for Windows7, see download

Status A

TOXSWA (FOCUS_TOXSWA version 2.2.1) is in compliance with the Status A level for models and databases of Wageningen UR, i.e. conform to requirements for software robustness, software and model performance tests, documentation of the concepts and user documentation, read more... (Dutch)

Future plans

It is planned that the constant flow option as implemented in the TOXSWA v1.2 will become operational in a future release of the model so that TOXSWA v1.2 and FOCUS_TOXSWA will merge into one version.