Manual for PEARLNEQ v6

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J.J.T.I. Boesten, M.M.S. ter Horst (2021). Manual for PEARLNEQ v6. Wageningen, The Statutory Research Tasks Unit for Nature and the Environment (WOT Natuur & Milieu), WOt-technical report 200.

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Aged sorption is a process by which a plant protection product can become more strongly adsorbed to soil over time, resulting in, among other things, reduced leaching to groundwater. The inclusion of aged sorption is part of a higher tier in the groundwater leaching assessment in the EU registration procedure for plant protection products. Data of experimental studies that demonstrate an increase in sorption over time can be used to derive model-input parameters for assessments using the FOCUS Groundwater scenarios. This report describes the use of the new version of PEARLNEQ, version 6, that can be used to estimate aged sorption parameters for the active ingredient of the plant protection product on the basis of a soil incubation experiment with this substance. The new version can calculate (optionally) the 95% confidence intervals of the fitted parameters by bootstrapping which are probably more accurate than the intervals provided by PEST.