Groundwater Atlas for pesticides in The Netherlands

The Groundwater Atlas (GWA) contains monitoring data on the presence of active substances and related metabolites of plant protection products and biocides. These data were collected by the regional government authorities (Provinces of the Netherlands) and by the Dutch drinking water companies that are monitoring the quality of the groundwater regularly.

The aim of the Groundwater Atlas is to make relevant monitoring data accessible for use in the registration procedure for plant protection products and biocides. Version 1.1 contains part of the existing, relevant monitoring data in The Netherlands. The user may explore the data interactively, i.e. by selecting the compound of interest, the period in time, the sampling depth, and the monitoring networks. General statistics on the data are available, as well as several spatial and temporal presentations of the data, and some basic report functions.

Version 2.1 was released Nov. 8, 2018. This new version can be installed by a network administrator and by a user with administration rights at a local PC. Versions 2.1 and 1.1 contain the same groundwater monitoring data.