Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why should I register?

For PEARL, GeoPEARL, TOXSWA registration is required before you can proceed with downloading. If you register, you will be put on a mailing list. You will be kept informed about new model releases, bugs and meetings. If you are using PEARL or GeoPEARL, there is an additional reason to register: These models use Interbase as the database management system. Interbase is installed as part of PEARL and GeoPEARL. Users need a so-called deployment license to run Interbase. A deployment licence can be obtained from the PEARL team for free. If you register, we can also put you on the mailing list. For the other applications available at www.pesticidemodels.eu no registration is required before downloading. The effect model MASTEP, the risk indicator model NMI, and the fate model CASCADE are not available for external use.

What should I do when I ask for support?

When you ask for support, we would like to have as much information as possible. This information will help us detect the problem and will be treated confidentially. The information required depends on the model your question relates to. A specification of the information required can be found on the websites of models for which support is available.

Where can I download the models?

Most models can be accessed directly through this page, but FOCUS_PEARL and FOCUS_TOXSWA can only be downloaded at the FOCUS website. The reason is the strict version control enforced by the FOCUS modelling working group. The FOCUS website is maintained by the Joint Research Centre (Ispra, Italy) and can be accessed through FOCUS DG SANTE - ESDAC - European Commission (europa.eu)

I have problems with downloading. Can I get FOCUS_PEARL, FOCUS_TOXSWA or FOCUS_SPIN on a CD?

The FOCUS Version Control working group has set-up strict rules for version control, so that there cannot be any confusion on the latest release of the models. For this reason, there is only one place where you can get FOCUS_PEARL, FOCUS_TOXSWA and FOCUS_SPIN, i.e. the FOCUS website.