PEARL - Downloads


GeoPEARL versions 4 and higher require the pre-installation of SPIN 3.3 (Substance Plug In). SPIN is used to manage the substance database.

For more information about SPIN on this link 

The SPIN package is available for download below:





GeoPEARL versions are available for download below:



PEARLNEQ version 5.1 is available for download below:


Registration for FOCUSPEARL and GeoPEARL

Users of FOCUSPEARL and GeoPEARL versions are requested to register via

After completion of the registration the user will receive a deployment license for the use of the interbase software. A single deployment license is valid for FOCUSPEARL version 3.3.3, FOCUSPEARL version 4.4.4, GeoPEARL 2.2.2 and GeoPEARL 3.3.3.   The interbase software is available for download  here.

Users can also indicate on the registration form whether they would like to be informed about updates and issues related to FOCUS_PEARL, GeoPEARL or PEARL_NEQ.


Notifying problems

If you encounter installation problems or problems using any of the PEARL applications please send an e-mail to: for questions about FOCUSPEARL or to for questions about GeoPEARL