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Note on the half life in the desinfection tank

2016 GEM

Addendum to Van der Linden et al., 2015 - RIVM report 607407005

2016 GEM

Testing of the Greenhouse Emission Model for a Dutch soilless growing system

2017 GEM

Validation of the Greenhouse Emission Model for soilless cultivation

2017 GEM

User manual for SAFE to support the use of the GEM scenarios for cultivations in glasshouses

2019 GEM

Monitoring data from drinking water companies (in Dutch, with English summary)

2018 Groundwateratlas

User Manual

2017 Groundwateratlas

HAIR2010 Documentation

2011 HAIR

HAIR2010 Software Manual

2011 HAIR

HAIR Risk Indicators used for evaluating sustainable plant protection in fruit orchards

2013 HAIR

HAIR2014 Software Manual

2014 HAIR

How to measure the environmental risks from uses of plant protection products for achieving the IPM requirements and risk communication

2013 HAIR

An individual based model to predict recovery of aquatic invertebrates following pesticide stress


A standard protocol for describing individual-based and agent-based models


An individual-based approach to model spatial population dynamics of invertebrates in aquatic ecosystems after pesticide contamination


Environmental risk indicators for evaluating the Dutch policy on sustainable plant protection

2015 NMI

Dutch Environmental Risk Indicator for Plant Protection Products (Appendices)

2012 NMI

Evaluatie duurzame gewasbescherming 2010.

2012 NMI

Tussenevaluatie van de nota 'Gezonde Groei, Duurzame Oogst': Deelproject Milieu

2019 NMI

Evaluatie Nota duurzame gewasbescherming 2010

2010 NMI