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Mapping Ground Water Vulnerability to Pesticide Leaching with a Process-Based Metamodel of EuroPEARL.

2006 PEARL

Modeling the influence of sorption and transformation on pesticide leaching and persistence.

1991 PEARL

Movement of water, bromide ion and the pesticides ethoprophos and bentazone in a sandy soil.

1999 PEARL

Emission of pesticides into the air.

1999 PEARL



PERPEST version 1.0


PRIMET version 2.0, technical description and manual


Development of scenarios for drinking water produced from groundwater and surface water for use in the pesticide registration procedure of Ethiopia

2015 PRIMET-Ethiopia

Guideline to the Application for the Registration of a Plant Protection Product in Ethiopia (including the application forms)

2014 PRIMET-Ethiopia

PRIMET-Registration_Ethiopia_1.1, technical description and manual

2014 PRIMET-Ethiopia

A scientific evaluation system for the registration of pesticides in Ethiopia

2014 PRIMET-Ethiopia

SPIN Manual 1.1. User’s Guide version 1, for use with FOCUS_SWASH 4.2.

2013 SPIN

Addendum to SPIN Manual 1.1 SPIN 2.2 for use with FOCUS_SWASH 5.3

2014 SPIN

Addendum to SPIN Manual 1.1_GEM. SPIN 2.2 for use with GEM 1.1.1.

2014 SPIN

User manual for FOCUSSPIN version 3.3

2020 SPIN

Surface WAter Scenario Help (SWASH) version 1.94

2002 SWASH

SWASH Manual 2.1

2008 SWASH

Surface WAter Scenario Help (SWASH) version 5.3 : technical description

2015 SWASH

SWASH Manual 5.3 : users guide version 5

2015 SWASH

SWASH Manual 4.2 : users guide version 4

2013 SWASH