Registration of PEARL and GeoPEARL

Submitted by Ingrid Haas on

FOCUSPEARL (up to version 4.4.4) and GeoPEARL  (up to version 3.3.3) use the Interbase Database Management System, which is installed as part of the (Geo)PEARL installation. You need a so-called deployment license for Interbase usage. You can request a free deployment-license through registration at this website. After registration, we will keep you informed about future (Geo)PEARL developments.

Registration instructions

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  • When ready you will be directed to the download page
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Do you want a deployment license for Interbase use in FOCUSPEARL or GeoPEARL?
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You can change or unregister your license subscription with the links you received from your first registration. If you lost your mail, you can also send us a request via this contactform