TOXSWA in EU registration

TOXSWA is used for pesticide exposure assessment in the EU evaluation process. It is the recommended surface water fate model by FOCUS to calculate fate in surface water bodies of the Step 3 FOCUS surface water scenarios. TOXSWA calculates exposure in water and in sediment at the downstream end of a ditch, stream or pond neighbouring a treated field in the 10 FOCUS Surface Water Scenarios.

FOCUS_TOXSWA has been coupled to the Swedish leaching model MACRO and to the USA runoff model PRZM3, as well

as to the German drift deposition tables. The TOXSWA shell also offers access to the IMAG Drift Calculator, that is based on Dutch drift deposition experiments.

TOXSWA runs for the FOCUS surface water scenarios should be set up via the SWASH shell for all standard Step 3 scenarios and water body combinations. For more information about SWASH see the SWASH website.

More Information

The FOCUS software and report of the FOCUS Surface Waters Working Group are available from the FOCUS website. Go to this website to download the official FOCUS software.