GEM Download

GEM 1.1.1 requires the pre-installation of SPIN 2.2 (Substance Plug In). SPIN is used to manage the substance database.

The SPIN package is available for download below:

SPIN 2.2. installation package


The GEM package is available for download below:

GEM 1.1.1. installation package



We are sorry to inform you that the current version of GEM 2.2.2 has a bug. We recommend not to use this version. We therefore removed the GEM 2.2.2. installation package.

GEM 3.3.2. installation package



Note that recently we encountered a serious conceptual omission related to the soil-bound crop–surface water scenario, which makes it very sensitive to the application date. We currently discuss with the ministry of Economic Affairs how to solve this issue. In the mean time we recommend not to use the soil-bound crop-surface water scenario in the registration.


Installation packages for SAFE-SL and SAFE-SB and Usermanual

SAFE-SL installation package

SAFE-SB installation package

SAFE UserManual


If you encounter installation problems or problems using GEM please send an e-mail to: