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Evaluatie duurzame gewasbescherming 2010.

2012 NMI

Tussenevaluatie van de nota 'Gezonde Groei, Duurzame Oogst': Deelproject Milieu

2019 NMI

Evaluatie Nota duurzame gewasbescherming 2010

2010 NMI

Estimation method for the volatiziation of pesticides from fallow soil

1997 PEARL

Estimation method for the volatiziation of pesticides from plants

1998 PEARL

The new decision tree for the evaluation of pesticide leaching from soils

2004 PEARL

Pesticide leaching to the groundwater in drinking water abstraction areas. Analysis with the GeoPEARL model.

2014 PEARL

PEARL model for pesticide behaviour and emissions in soil-plant systems - Description of processes.

2016 PEARL

Focus groundwater scenarios in the EU pesticide registration process.

2000 PEARL

Pesticides in Air: Considerations for Exposure Assessment

2008 PEARL

Assessing Potential for Movement of Active Substances and their Metabolites to Ground Water in the EU.

2010 PEARL

Propagation of uncertainties in soil and pesticide properties to pesticide leaching, Journal of Environmental Quality.

2012 PEARL

Manual for PEARLNEQ v6

2021 PEARL

Spatial moment analysis of transport of nonlinearly adsorbing pesticides using analytical approximations.

2008 PEARL

Volatilisation of the pesticides chlorpyrifos and fenpropimorph from a potato crop.

2006 PEARL

Mapping Ground Water Vulnerability to Pesticide Leaching with a Process-Based Metamodel of EuroPEARL.

2006 PEARL

Modeling the influence of sorption and transformation on pesticide leaching and persistence.

1991 PEARL

Movement of water, bromide ion and the pesticides ethoprophos and bentazone in a sandy soil.

1999 PEARL

Emission of pesticides into the air.

1999 PEARL

Volatilization of parathion and chlorothalonil after spraying on a potato crop.

1995 PEARL